01/10/2013 01:34 pm ET Updated Mar 12, 2013

Hickenlooper Stumbles In State Of The State Address, Mutters 'Oh Jesus' Into Microphone (VIDEO)

Perhaps it was because his State of the State address was so highly anticipated that Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper turned to a figure on high at the end of his speech.

"Working together, we can punch holes in some pretty big ... We ... Oh Jesus," said Hickenlooper, prompting laughter to reverberate through the Capitol. "It's the crescendo," he said with a smile before correcting himself.

"Working together, we can punch some pretty big holes in the darkness. Thank you very much, thank you for making Colorado a better place. God bless Colorado."

The Democrat made it through most his speech without blunder -- aside from a slightly awkward joke about Amendment 64 -- though it certainly wasn't the first time he's stumbled into a microphone.

"Watching the governor at a microphone is kind of like watching a baby cross the highway," Christine Scanlan, the governor's chief lobbyist has been quoted as saying. "You just never know if he's going to make it."

Back in March of last year, the governor mistakenly referred to Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia as a "rising sex star."