01/10/2013 07:39 pm ET Updated Jan 10, 2013

Hoarders' Craigslist Post Seeks Unusual San Francisco Roommates

"Normies just don't understand."

Or so say an alleged group of San Francisco hoarders looking to rent out a room in their Treasure Island apartment under the Craigslist headline "Hoarders ONLY."

It isn't uncommon to find unusual roommate prerequisites on San Francisco Craigslist. (No meat, no smoking, no significant others, must be 420-friendly, must provide credit report, paystub and firstborn.)

But this one might take the cake.

"We are a 4 bedroom hoarder household with one room available," reads the post. "There is no space in the refrigerator or cabinets so if you like to cook, this won't work. The entire house is filled floor to ceiling with our things."

The hoarders really start selling it with a list of house amenities.

"The lower bathroom is not usable but the upstairs one is. The backyard is off limits and the laundry room is not functional so you will have to do laundry elsewhere."

The authors of the post also require photos of an applicant's current household to prove hoarder legitimacy--a move that prompted questions from Reddit users.

"How bad is it out there where people would pretend to be hoarders to get a place?" asked one naive Reddit commenter.

"Are you from SF?" replied another. (Zing!) And for a $600-a-month room, that's not a bad question.

But in the end, the hoarders promise a judgment-free hoarding zone: "If you have been evicted we can be your new place. We have all been evicted for hoarding and that's how we found eachother."

We're just going to chalk this one up to one more reason San Francisco might be the most open-minded city in the universe.

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