01/10/2013 12:44 pm ET

Jamaal Franklin Dunk: San Diego State Player Goes Off Glass For Dunk Of The Year Candidate (VIDEO)

San Diego State standout Jamaal Franklin pulled a classic move from the Tracy McGrady playbook when he delivered a Dunk of the Year candidate, and he only has himself to thank for it.

The incumbent Mountain West Conference Player of the Year dropped a ridiculous highlight dunk against Fresno State after finding himself from a pass off the backboard that even the Bulldogs' home crowd couldn't ignore.

Franklin led a three-on-three fast break before tossing the ball off the backboard from well behind the arc, catching it in mid-air and slamming it home for the self-alley-oop.

The dunk extended the No. 16 Aztecs' lead to eight and they went on to win, 65-62.

"That was just me being myself," Franklin told reporters. "A lot of players won't do that, but I'm real thankful my teammates have confidence in me"



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