01/10/2013 07:12 pm ET

Jeanette Morris Allegedly Beat Ex-Husband Robert Hall, Tied Him To Truck Bumper

A 54-year-old man was recovering Thursday in the intensive care unit of a Daytona Beach, Fla., hospital after his ex-wife allegedly beat, stunned and tied him to a pick-up truck.

Robert Hall sustained a broken pelvis, broken facial bones and bleeding in his brain after the attack, which took place in a rural part of resort town New Smyrna Beach, reports Reuters.

Prior to the attack, Hall was staying at the home of ex-wife Jeanette Morris, a 61-year-old truck driver. Police records indicate that trouble began when Morris became suspicious that Hall had a girlfriend staying at the house with him.

Morris and her brother Harold Anderson, 63, allegedly attacked Hall Tuesday night after drinking vodka with him at home, reports Click Orlando. The pair are said to have zapped Hall with a stun gun, beat him at gunpoint, stripped him to his underwear, tied red twine around his neck and dragged him behind a Ford F-150 truck.

According to, at some point Hall was thrown into the back of the pickup, where he overheard the siblings and a third suspect, Joan Hobart, talking about scalping and murdering him.

“It kind of caught me real off guard,” neighbor Tyler Shevlin told WFTV. “I see a dude standing there, he's got hemorrhaging from his face, his mouths [sic] all busted up, he's got a rope around his neck."

“He had no pants on,” said Shevlin. “His underwear, that's all he was in, and a T-shirt. His underwear was completely shredded. His back was bleeding. The back of his thighs were all bleeding."

When deputies asked Morris what happened, she denied knowing anything, reports Fox Orlando. But her brother's hand was bleeding, and he didn't seem remorseful, the site reported.

Click Orland reports that Morris is being charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, attempted murder, false imprisonment, aggravated battery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Her brother, meanwhile, is facing attempted murder, false imprisonment, aggravated battery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges. Police have apprehended the third suspect, according to WFTV.