01/10/2013 05:48 pm ET

Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants 'Top 5 Sexiest Women' Title And Other Crazy Talk


Just when we weren't wondering what Jennifer Love Hewitt was up to these days, the "Client List" star tweeted something that stopped us in our tracks.

Really? That's funny, because just a few months back on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the '90s icon said it would basically be "a dream" to be set up with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. When she later got shot down by Levine, here's what she tweeted:

Is JLH the biggest fan girl ever or what? Her love for telegenic primetime men doesn't stop at Levine though. In August 2011, Hewitt also 'fessed up to a major crush on Ben Flajnik, then the runner-up on "The Bachelorette" (and future star of "The Bachelor"). Hewitt just had to gush about him too.

While a romance never blossomed between Hewitt and Flajnik, perhaps singledom is what inspired the former "Party of Five" star to bring a little vajazzle into all of our lives.

"After a breakup, a friend of mine Swarovski crystalloid my, um, precious lady," Hewitt told a shocked George Lopez on his late-night show. "It shined like a disco ball"



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