01/10/2013 04:33 pm ET

'She's Better Now' : 5 Loyalty Lessons We Can All Learn From The 'Pretty Little Liars'

TV’s favorite high school clique is back. The winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars season 13 kicked off Tuesday night, and the level of lies, deception and betrayal has never been deeper. Viewers are still unsure who the mysterious "A" is, but it’s clear that the girls’ friendships with each other are their first priority. Loyalty is a big part in how Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily continue to discover new pieces to the puzzle of Alison’s death, search for clues about "A," and survive from week to week.

In honor of the return of our four favorite TV besties, click through the slideshow below 5 BIG loyalty lessons we can learn from them. What would you add to the list? In your opinion, what's the most important quality to have in a friend? Let us know in the comments and tweet @HuffPostTeen.



5 Loyalty Lessons from The 'Liars'