01/10/2013 04:27 pm ET

Tucker Fish, California Teen, Invents 'College Bound' Candy Bar (VIDEO)

Invented by 13-year-old entrepreneur Tucker Fish, the College Bound bar is no ordinary candy bar. The gourmet sweet treat has already attracted the attention of celebrity chefs, and the profits will be used to fund Fish's higher education.

Fish began making his confection in 2011, and although he won't give away his recipe, he told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat that the bar contains toffee, chocolate, graham crackers and sea salt.

"The name of the bar is the College Bound bar, in part because I plan to study business in college," Fish said in a video on his Kickstarter page.

Watch the video above and head over to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

For Fish, age is no obstacle. In fact, he's been an entrepreneur for years already.

"I maybe a kid, but I have big dreams. I have always been an inventer," Tucker said. "When I was younger, I made a replica of the Titanic."

As of the time this story was written, Tucker was less than $250 away from reaching his goal of raising $3,000. And even celebrity chef Guy Fieri has shown interest in the product, according to Kickstarter.

Tucker told the Press Democrat that he's been inspired by the work of Steve Jobs.

“[Jobs] shows that if you put your heart and soul into something it will become big,” Fish said. “I want to be similar to Steve with his great initiative to get things done and put them out in the world.”

Last month, another impressive teen inventor, 16-year-old Kelvin Doe from Sierra Leone, caught the eye of MIT and Harvard when he invited a transistor radio created with homemade batteries. He has been labeled a prodigy and genius for his impressive creations composed entirely out of materials he found in the garbage.



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