01/10/2013 07:18 am ET Updated Jan 10, 2013

'Washington Heights' Premiere: One Of The Worst Girl Fights Ever On Reality Television (VIDEO)

MTV continued to look for their replacement to "Jersey Shore" with the debut of "Washington Heights." Like "Shore," this new reality series features young people with big dreams getting drunk and behaving badly. Set in the historic New York neighborhood, it also featured one of the most brutal girl fights reality television has ever seen.

And we're only one episode in!

Eliza and Reyna got into it -- over a boy, of course -- on a sidewalk, and it didn't take long for the sidewalk to become part of the fight. The girls were screaming at one another and pulling hair, and then they were bashing one another into the sidewalk. It was intense and ridiculous at the same time.

The young people of "Washington Heights" can surely keep up their over-the-top behavior, but will viewers keep tuning in every Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST on MTV to watch them? Time will tell.

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