01/11/2013 06:52 am ET Updated Jan 11, 2013

'1600 Penn': Press Finds Out About Becca's Pregnancy, So Skip Makes It Much Worse (VIDEO)

"1600 Penn" settled into its regular time slot, continuing the story of the First Family in the White House. In this week's second episode, Becca's pregnancy was leaked to the press, and so it was time for her to tell the family. While Emily struggled to keep the youngest from finding out through the media, Becca tried to take her mind off of her troubles with brother Skip.

A wrong turn, though, saw them come face to face with the press corps. There, Skip did what he does best. He tried to protect his family, but said the wrong thing.

"This is not some salacious story. My sister just broke up with a guy, her friends told her to, ya know, blow off some steam, have a one-night stand. So she did," he said, adding, "She doesn’t even know the guy’s name, so don’t bother asking."

When the media reached the point of calling her the "First Slut," the President went out to the press and defended his daughter, standing up for her character. One mistake shouldn't define her.

As for "1600 Penn," most critics seem to agree it's not off to a great start. calls it a "big fail to the Chief," while the AV Club rated this episode a "C-."

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