01/11/2013 01:55 pm ET Updated Jan 11, 2013

Lindsay Lohan 'Canyons' Outburst: Actress Blasts Co-Star James Deen On Set (AUDIO)

If you read The New York Times Magazine's lengthy and bewildering profile of what it's like to work with Lindsay Lohan, you'll no doubt be surprised by this recording.

TMZ obtained an audio recording from the set of "The Canyons" -- the film which NTYM writer Stephen Rodrick detailed from start to finish. In the audio clip, Lohan can be heard blasting her co-star James Deen and arguing with director Paul Schrader during a scene rehearsal.

Sources told TMZ, the clip was recorded on the third day of production and the three can be heard arguing over the continuity of the scene. Schrader can be heard taking the actors through the scene and tries to explain to Lohan they need to run through the scene all the way to the kiss at the end.

When the director yelled "action," something apparently displeased Lohan who unloaded on her co-star, telling him:

"No, can you do it. Please James, say your line as you're walking over because we're doing rehearsal with the lines. Do your f*cking job."

This was likely one of the many arguments had on set. According to the Times' writer, during an argument with Schrader, Lohan threw the fact that she had been fired and rehired in his face, remarking, "Sorry, Paul, I guess you’ll have to fire me again."

The magazine's story on Lohan's behavior isn't doing her career any favors, and it will be very interesting to see who hires her next, given what we now know -- especially since sources also say Lohan has told friends she acknowledges that the details in the story are true, but took exception with allegations that she drove home after she was seen drinking.



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