01/11/2013 02:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Next Restaurant's 'The Hunt' Video Has Us Craving Wild Game

Next Restaurant has gone through a lot of menu permutations -- from Paris, 1906 to Kyoto. Chef Grant Achatz and his team usually celebrate new menu launches by putting out short videos. They are always enjoyable to watch, but the most recent one -- which highlights the new wild game menu of "The Hunt" -- may just be the best yet.

This video is definitely one for the carnivores (a vegan menu is coming up later this year, though). There's lots of meat and butchery involved -- the clip does not shy away from blood drippings or up close shots of raw poultry. When it comes to the menu itself, we're not sure if hunting enthusiasts are going to be into the notion of haute wild game but hey, that food looks good.

Plus, the musical score makes it feel like you are in fact out on a hunt, just waiting for the kill.