01/11/2013 10:34 am ET Updated Jan 11, 2013

Man Crashes Car Into Pizza Restaurant, Orders Pizza

The man who drove his car through the front door of a pizza restaurant in Lincoln, Neb., made the best of a bad situation.

NBC local affiliate WOWT Channel 6 reports that just before noon on Wednesday an elderly man got his foot stuck on the accelerator of his car and drove into a Valentino's pizza restaurant. While concerned citizens called 911, the man placed an order for a pizza.

The man placed his order from inside his car, according to According to ABC's KLKN.

Witnesses on the scene said that the man didn't appear to be hurt or in shock at what had happened.

"He seemed very calm and collected. I was amazed," a bystander told Nebraska Central News' KOLN-TV. The driver was taken to the hospital as a precaution. No one in the restaurant was injured.

KOLN also mentioned that the health department came to the restaurant to make sure none of the food had been contaminated during the crash.

As Lincoln Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Leo Benes told the Lincoln Journal Star, the fact that the driver ordered a pizza was a good thing, because it showed that he was "alert" after the accident. The real tragedy here seems to be that he didn't receive his pizza before being sent to the hospital.

The man's car, a Honda Fit, was the perfect size to fit right through the door of the restaurant, reports KLKN, causing "no major structural damage." Still, the restaurant had to close for the rest of the day.

A manager of Valentino's who was present at the time of the crash told The Huffington Post that the restaurant already has a new door installed.

Although a car crash victim ordering his lunch within moments of an accident is unusual, cars driving into pizza restaurants happens more often than some might think. After a car drove through the front window of Pizza Buona in Los Angeles, Calif., in February 2012, the owner said it wasn't even the first time it had happened.

In 2010, drivers who got their feet stuck on the accelerator caused two vehicles to drive into pizza places, one at Pakula's Pizza in New City, N.Y., and another near Menlo Park, Calif.

(h/t Associated Press via Omaha World-Herald)



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