01/11/2013 03:16 pm ET

Suzanne Somers' Sex Life Is 'Rockin', Actress Says

At 66 years old, Suzanne Somers says her sex life is better than ever.

The actress and author revealed on HuffPost Live Friday that thanks to a regimen of supplements that restore her hormone levels to those of a 20-year-old, sex with her husband of 45 years is "no-holds-barred."

"Because I replaced my hormones to optimal levels I have a very rockin' libido, which is so great at this stage of the game," Somers said. "When you are hormonally balanced, you're kind of, how do I describe it, juiced up."

Somers married Canadian TV personality Alan Hamel in 1977, and has been a vocal proponent of hormone replacement as a tool against aging. In a 2009 appearance on "Oprah," she revealed her daily hormone routine, which included combination of lotions, injections and 60 pills.

Watch the video above for more on Somers' wild sex life.

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