01/11/2013 12:47 pm ET Updated Jan 11, 2013

Why Did Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Break Up? Because She Allegedly Loves Antiques More

We all know Taylor Swift has a love for all things vintage. And we personally always found this endearing about the country singer. But apparently her ex Harry Styles thought her hobby was just a little too much for him to handle.

One Direction heartthrob got bored of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together singer because "she constantly talked about antiques” -- amongst other, ahem, problems.

While this is strictly a rumor, we're hoping it’s completely false because really, what guy in his right mind would leave a girl for loving gorgeous and nostalgic furniture and decor? No guy we’d want to be with, that’s for sure!

Click through our slideshow to learn more about Taylor’s exes and head over to RadarOnline.com for more information.

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