01/12/2013 12:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'5 Minutes In The Life Of A 2-Year-Old' Photoshop Is All Kinds Of Cute (PHOTO)

Oh, what terrible adorable tornadoes of activity 2-year-olds can be.

Sure, every parent knows this feeling, but it's rarely captured so well in one picture. Reddit user "VaSimons" posted her neat composite to one of the social news site's image forums on Jan. 12, where it got a lot of love from other moms and dads. "I should make something like this, but somehow showing how amazingly fast my four-year-old can turn any clean room into a disaster area in need of government aid," "Journalisto" wrote.

Others had tried their hand at the editing technique, and shared tips on how to do it. "Set up a tripod and take multiple pictures of the subject in different positions. Put them into the same document in photoshop, and delete the portions of the layers to make them look like one picture," user "xjuax" advised.

We're not sure which we love more -- the below photo from "VaSimons" or her family's clever Christmas card, which also used the technique.

Of course, if you want to go the video route to document what it's really like to spend a few hours with a little one, time-lapse videos do the trick too.

(via Reddit)



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