01/13/2013 01:33 pm ET Updated Jan 14, 2013

Damian Lewis On 'Homeland': Will He Leave The Show After Season 3? (UPDATE)

Sounds like Sgt. Nicholas Brody's fate is up in the air.

Showtime’s entertainment chief David Nevins cleared up some of the rumors surrounding Damian Lewis' role in Season 3 of "Homeland," while defending the show's arguably disjointed second year during the network's presentation for reporters at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, on Jan. 12.

"'Homeland' is a show that is incredibly changeable, if you haven’t noticed, and can go in a lot of different directions. I think it’s got a really long life. It’s obviously still on the rise. So I think 'Homeland' is in a very interesting place," Nevins explained.

"Alex [Gansa] and Howard [Gordon] made the decision to end this season with a fairly clear set-up for Season 3, which is the opposite of how they ended Season 1," he continued, noting that the producers are in the very early stages of mapping out the upcoming season, which is set to premiere Sept. 29. "Some things I know, and there's a lot that hasn't been shared with me. And I'm excited to find out."

As for Lewis' return to the show, Nevins admits the Emmy winner's status could change from season to season.

"Everything on that show is vigorously debated, but if, after the end of that vigorous debate, [letting go of Lewis] made sense storywise, I could conceivably say yes to that, absolutely," Nevins said.

Referring to the much-discussed Season 2 -- was it as good as the first? -- Nevins stands by the show and loves the fact that it's being nitpicked every day.

"I love it ... I really liked Season 2," he admitted, adding, "I think it started really strong, and it ended really strong."

When it comes to the criticism, Nevins said he's read it all and appreciates the positive and negative feedback.

"Suspension of disbelief is the scaffolding all storytelling is based on, and I think there’s a truth to the way ['Homeland'] is written, a truth to the characters that overcomes all," he confessed. "The fact that people are that deeply engaged that there were things that we got away with Season 1 that we couldn’t get away with Season 2 ... I think it’s a good thing for the health of the show, and I have enormous confidence in the people who write and perform that show that it’s going to maintain at the very highest level."

UPDATE: “He's alive so of course he’ll be back," Gordon told TVLine. "One of the great challenges of next [season] is how he'll be back. But there's no doubt that he will be back."