01/13/2013 11:44 am ET Updated Jan 13, 2013

Virtual Choir 4: Eric Whitacre Creates Awesome Kickstarter Campaign (WATCH)

Contemporary composer, conductor and TED talker Eric Whitacre is well-known for creating choral works and scores, but recently his work sprung to viral fame when he created "Virtual Choir."

A while back, Whitacre saw a video of a musician singing a part from his work "Sleep," and was inspired to get other singers to upload similar parts. When cut together and played at the same time, their voices would sound like a choir. He collected videos of people performing another one of his pieces, "Lux Aurumque," and uploaded a video of himself conducting it to complete the view. The outcome? A total of 185 vocalists from 12 countries participated in the popular video.

Whitacre wants to create a fourth virtual choir video called "Bliss" and created a Kickstarter campaign to make the next video easier for participants to get involved in. Check out the slides below and let us know if you'd ever be a part of a crowdsourcing project like this in the comments section.



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