01/14/2013 04:17 am ET Updated Jan 14, 2013

Golden Globes Twitter Reactions From Women

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosted, a man chugged champagne behind Helen Mirren on the red carpet and Lena Dunham won big (!!!). The 2013 Golden Globes may have been the most tweet-worthy awards show ever.

Within the first five minutes, Tina and Amy had cracked jokes about Ricky Gervais' off-color hosting last year, Kathryn Bigelow's marital history and Lena Dunham's frequent nudity in "Girls." That was when we knew it was going to be a fun Sunday night.

Some highlights from the show included:
--Maggie Smith winning Best Supporting Actress in a television show. (Unfortunately, the dame wasn't there to regale us with tales of week-ends and early 20th century decorum.)
--Remembering that Damian Lewis was British when he went up to accept his award for Best Actor in a TV Drama for "Homeland."
--A Bill Clinton cameo introducing/endorsing "Lincoln" and Amy Poehler's reaction: "That was Hillary Clinton's husband!"
--Adele's first post-baby appearance, as candid and endearing as ever.
--Amy Poehler canoodling with George Clooney.
--Lena Dunham's Best Actress win and the Best Comedy win for "Girls." "This award is for every woman who felt like there wasn't a space for her," Dunham said.
--Jodie Foster's speech, which made everyone watching cry.
--Jennifer Garner tag-teaming for her husband, Ben Affleck.
--Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried's love-fest during the "Les Miserables" win for Best Comedy or Musical.
--Jessica Chastain's tribute to Kathryn Bigelow: "You've done more for women in cinema than you take credit for."
--Amy and Tina ended the show ON TIME. Has that ever happened before?

While everyone watched the Golden Globes, laughed and cried, we rounded up some of the best tweets from women:

Golden Globes Tweets From Women