01/14/2013 01:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

1792 Nickel Sells For $1.41 Million At Auction (PHOTO)

One of the oldest U.S. nickels in existence is worth way more than just five cents.

A 1792 nickel, one of the first coins ever minted, sold for $1.41 million at an auction in Orlando, Fla., according to The nickel was sold as part of a rare currency and coin auction held on Thursday by Heritage Auctions.

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While in circulation, the coin was referred to as a "half disme." The word disme was an early spelling of dime. The coin is just one of 250 coins that still exists from the minting of the first U.S. coins. It is thought to have been made from First Lady Martha Washington's silverware.

While some coin collectors believe that the face on the coin resembles Martha Washington, the woman depicted is actually a symbolic female representation of "Liberty," Donn Pearlman, a spokesperson for Heritage Auctions, wrote in an email to The Huffington Post.

The nickel isn’t the first rare coin to fetch a large sum recently. In March, an ancient Judean coin sold for $1.1 million at an auction in New York City. The coin, dated A.D. 66, is one of just two known Year 1 prototype silver shekels. Heritage Auctions said it was the highest price paid for any Judean coin at an auction.

In November, a coin dated 1652 from Colonial Massachusetts was found in a potato field and later auctioned for $430,000.


1792 half disme front

1792 half disme back

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