01/14/2013 04:01 pm ET

'Book Of Mormon' Movie: Musical Creators May Take Project To The Big Screen

The major success of "Book of Mormon" on Broadway has sparked talk of a film adaptation. With the recent news of the creation of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Important Studios, the movie seems even more likely.

Parker and Stone, the creators of the television show "South Park" and the "Book of Mormon" musical, have spoken about the possibility of a "Book of Mormon" movie for months. Back in September, Parker mentioned one pop prince for a major role in the hypothetical film. "Who's my dream cast? Justin Bieber for [the lead role of hotshot young missionary] Elder Price," he said at a press conference. "We'd definitely go younger than the stage cast because the camera gets so close."

The New York Times reported on the creation of Important Studios on Sunday, explaining that the financing for the venture will come from profits from both "South Park" and "Book of Mormon," which has now grossed more than $200 million. NYT named the "Book of Mormon" movie as one of the "first projects that Important Studios is likely to develop."

While the duo denied concrete plans for the movie back in 2011, the development of Important Studios may be the first step towards seeing "Book of Mormon" on the big screen.

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