01/14/2013 09:30 am ET Updated Mar 16, 2013

'Fox And Friends' Thinks Oscars Hate America; Donald Trump Disagrees (VIDEO)

Even Donald Trump wasn't buying what Steve Doocy was selling about the Oscars on Monday's "Fox and Friends."

Doocy went on this long monologue to Trump about how he thinks the Academy is snubbing "pro-American" movies like "Argo" because they love America too much:

"Did you think it was interesting that the big winner last night was Ben Affleck's movie where it showed the United States triumphing -- triumphing -- triUMphiiiing -- over the Iranians in a hostage situation, it was a pro-America film, and then, he got a snub by the Oscar folks, no nod for Best Director, just like Kathleen [note: actually Kathryn} Bigelow, who has in the past won one, but because her movie 'Zero Dark Thirty' was pro-American, showing exactly what it took to get Bin Laden, do you think both of those movies are being punished by Oscar because they're pro-American movies?"

(To which we'd add: just like that hugely pro-American movie "Les Miserables" got a Best Director snub, and that dastardly anti-American hit piece "Lincoln" was praised to the skies! And it's really a snub to those other two movies to nominate them for seven and five awards, respectively!)

"Well, I don't think so," Trump said, pretty firmly shutting Doocy down.

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