01/14/2013 09:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'How To Make Masala Chai' Is Our New Favorite Food Video

Sometimes we watch food videos and think to ourselves, "That was fun." Other times we watch food videos and think to ourselves, "Everyone we know has to see this! It is a masterpiece!" Today, we're here to share the latter.

This is the kind of food video that makes our jobs fun to do. This is like what would happen if you asked Steven Soderbergh to make a Masala Chai video. But Steven Soderbergh didn't make it, High Beam Media did, and we are now their loyal fans. Once you watch this, you will be too. (If we're being honest, we also lost our minds over their Vietnamese coffee video.)

This video engages you every step of the way. There is always something exciting to look at, the music makes us super psyched and the recipe is broken down in a way that feels approachable and makes us crazy thirsty for Masala Chai. Bravo, you guys, and thanks for the recipe!

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