01/14/2013 03:23 pm ET Updated Jan 14, 2013

John McAfee's Sex Advice: 'The More Ugly The Woman, The Better The Sex'

Now that John McAfee is back stateside, the software company founder has retreated from blogging tales of escaping Belize and begun offering tidbits of life advice.

In an interview with Oregon's Willamette Week earlier this month, McAfee spitballed on a wide range of subjects, including money ("the secret is you have to abandon every preconception about money") and sex.

"[Money] is like sex," he said. "You think sex is hard to get, and yet everyone is wanting sex. They look at ads in the back of your paper."

McAfee continues on to say:

I've found the more ugly the woman, the better the sex. This is the truth. I'm sorry, but it's absolutely true. No, really -- the best sex in the room is the librarian who hasn't had a date in 10 years. But [she's] read all the love books and all the [how-to] books, and is just waiting for someone to recognize them as this luscious sensual being. And if you do, you're in for the weekend of your life.

McAfee's antics are slated to be detailed in an upcoming graphic novel, and according to the Guardian, a potential movie via Warner Brothers.

In the meantime, we welcome the software millionaire's odd bits of advice, though there are hints McAfee is in on the secret, acknowledging his antics are prime for the media spotlight. Commenting on an upcoming Dateline show, in which he's featured in a segment, McAfee writes on his blog, "Should be a winner. I did my best crazy for them."

Then he backpedals a bit, writing "I suspect I do have a bit of crazy. But the story is nonetheless true."

Watch McAfee's full interview on money and sex at Willamette Week.



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