01/14/2013 01:52 pm ET

Megan Fox On Baby: 'I Want More Kids'

Gorgeous goddess Megan Fox showed off her post-baby body at the Golden Globes yesterday and left the rest of us mortals to sigh, stare, and wonder how she does it. But in an interview with Mario Lopez of Extra, Fox revealed she's not a "one and done" type mother and wants more kids.

Lopez congratulated Fox and husband Brian Austin Green on their 4-month-old bundle of joy, Noah, and asked the glowing mother if she likes motherhood.

"It’s all I ever wanted to do so I'm just happy I got the opportunity to do it," said Fox, "and I was very overwhelmed with the intensity of the emotions I felt when I had him so... I'm in love with him and Brian gets jealous, I just love him so much.” To which Green quickly replied, laughing: "Well because she wants to marry him and I keep telling her that doesn't ... You don't marry him, because he's your baby boy."

As for the future, Fox said she's not the "one and done" type mother and definitely wants more kids -- just maybe not at the moment.

“I want more kids," said the actress, "I'm so tired that I don't know if my body could do it right now, but if it happens, it happens," adding that Green would love to have a baby girl after two boys.

Here's hoping she gets her mother's good genes!



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