01/14/2013 04:44 am ET Updated Jan 14, 2013

'Mob Wives': Renee Panics Over A Mysterious Letter From Her Ex (VIDEO)

Renee Graziano and all of the "Mob Wives" have kept some dangerous company over the years. So when they say they're afraid for their lives, they probably have reasons to worry. On the latest episode, Renee got a mysterious letter from her ex that nearly sent her into a full breakdown. She started smoking and drinking like someone was coming to take it all away.

"You wonder why I self-medicate? Because I’m very afraid. He’s gonna kill me!" she declared. "I need to get the f*ck out of this house."

Renee did just that, too. It's still not known what the letter said, but it was bad enough that her castmate Drita D'Avanzo took to Twitter to write that the whole thing was "nerve wrecking."

Find out how this drama plays out by keeping up with "Mob Wives" every Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.

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