01/14/2013 12:26 pm ET

Noelle Clough Sentenced For Stabbing Husband Over Cosmopolitan Quiz

Months after a quiz in Cosmopolitan magazine led a woman to stab her husband in the back, a judge sentenced her to three years probation.

Noelle Clough also received a 90-day deferred jail sentence on Thursday for the June assault in Mesa, Ariz., according to KPHO.

AZ Family reports that the sentence came as a result of a plea deal in which Clough admitted to a single count of assault.

Clough originally told a 911 operator that her husband had choked her and she had pulled a knife on him.

When cops arrived, Clough told a different story, according to the Phoenix New Times.

The 23-year-old said she and her husband had been drinking and had gotten into a fight spurred by a Cosmo quiz. The argument reportedly spiraled into a heated debate about ex-lovers.

Clough said her husband then threw a pair of knives on the floor and said, "There is the knife; stab me."

Clough told police she tried to cut him with one of the knife while he was walking away and accidentally ended up stabbing him in the back.

"I never thought I was a victim," Clough told the court before she was sentenced, according to AZ Family. "I called the cops on myself because I felt maybe I was a monster."

Clough's husband testified in support of her, and the couple is reportedly expecting a child, according to AZ Family.