01/14/2013 05:15 pm ET

Super Bowl XLVII Matchup Odds: Which Teams Do You Want To See Battle In New Orleans?

Super Bowl berths are on the line as the NFL equivalent of the Final Four has arrived. The AFC and NFC Championship Game matchups are set after a Divisional Round filled with instant classics.

For the second straight year, the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots have advanced to the AFC Championship Game. The trash talk in this rematch began before the Pats had even clinched their spot.

In the NFC, Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez put an end to one postseason story line by finally winning a playoff game, leading the Atlanta Falcons to the conference title game with a thrilling 30-28 win over the Seattle Seahawks. Atlanta will host the San Francisco 49ers, who clobbered Green Bay in the Divisional Round to get back to the NFC Title game.

Which matchup would you like to see in New Orleans?

A Brady-Ryan duel could produce a high-scoring thriller. Of course, if those teams go down during Championship weekend then the Harbowl would bring plenty of intensity -- and Colin Kaepernick.

Or how about a showdown between prototypical pocket passer Tom Brady and the 49ers' new-age, dual-threat?

While plenty of attention has been -- and will be -- given to the quarterbacks for ahead of any Super Bowl matchup, Gonzalez , arguably the greatest tight end ever, would bring a compelling story line of his own to SBXLVII ahead of a likely retirement. Maybe a middle-of-the-field matchup between Gonzalez and Ray Lewis is the best way to end the season? Lewis' last ride will stop in New England this weekend. How about a trip to the Big Easy?

Here are the odds on each of the four possible pairings for Super Bowl XLVII. Take a look and let us know which you would prefer.



All odds via Bovada

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