01/14/2013 10:13 am ET

Winona Ryder In 'Heathers' TV Show? She's Welcome On Bravo Sequel

Winona Ryder is welcome on Bravo's potential "Heathers" spinoff series. Writer Jenny Bicks told The Hollywood Reporter that she'd "love to have" Ryder, the star of the original 1980s film, appear in her new TV series, if it gets the green light.

The TV version of "Heathers" is set 20 years after the 1988 film with Veronica, Ryder's character, returning to Sherwood with her teen daughter. The surviving "Heathers" have had their own kids, the "Ashleys."

Bicks, who serves as an executive producer and writer on Showtime's "The Big C," will executive produce the Bravo series.

"If Winona Ryder wanted to come in and play something, we'd love to have her," Bicks said.

In October, Ryder told CNN she was concerned about the language of "Heathers" transitioning to Bravo.

"Can they swear on that channel? Because I saw that on, like, Comedy Central once and it was like every other word was bleeped out. The language, that movie's brilliant," Ryder said. "And Veronica's very close to my heart. There's a territorial thing just because I love it so much and I love the people involved and it was a real, incredibly special experience ... but it's also flattering."

While Bravo has yet to make a decision on the fate of the "Heathers" sequel, Bicks told THR that the network is "excited" about the project. Bravo has been attempting to break into scripted series fare for years now. The network recently ordered two scripted shows to pilot, "The Joneses" and "Rita."

"These pilots give us an opportunity to explore worlds and characters that are distinct from our unscripted programming," Andrew Wang, vice president of scripted development and production at Bravo, said in a statement. "Yet, both projects feature the memorable storylines and strong, unique characters that our Bravo audience craves.”

"The Joneses," like "Heathers," borrows from a film. The pilot is based on the 2009 flick of the same name that starred Demi Moore and David Duchovny and followed a family of walking product placements. "Life Unexpected" creator Liz Tigelaar is behind "The Joneses." "Rita," which follows a private school teacher who is trying to balance work and her home life, is an adaptation of the Danish show of the same now. "Shameless" veteran Krista Vernoff is behind the remake.

Click over to THR for more from Bicks about "Heathers."

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