01/15/2013 06:31 am ET

'American Pickers': Exploring The Forevertron, Massive 400-Ton Scrap-Metal Sculpture (VIDEO)

The guys of "American Pickers" have seen a lot of things, but nothing could prepare them for what Dr. Evermor had on his property. It was a 400-ton, 50-foot scrap metal fortress. Dr. Evermor called it the Forevertron and spent three years building it.

"I built the Forevertron because I wanted to get away from the folks of this planet," he explained. "It perpetuates itself up into Heaven on a magnetic lightning force beam."

Dr. Evermor let the guys climb on and explore his massive structure, which certainly looked like something inspired by another world. The Forevertron has been noted by several websites as one of the largest -- if not perhaps the largest -- scrap-metal sculptures in the world.

While it wasn't for sale, the guys will forever be able to remember the day they got away from the planet for a moment, perpetuating themselves into Heaven on a magnetic lightning force beam.

See what they find next on "American Pickers," Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on History.

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