01/15/2013 04:46 pm ET

Brett Seekatz, Police Officer, Investigated By Grand Jury For Beating Man In Diabetic Shock (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A police officer recorded kicking a man in the head five times during a 2010 traffic stop in Nevada is under investigation by a federal grand jury.

Henderson police pulled over Adam Green, thinking that he was driving drunk. It was later determined that Green, who was arrested by Sgt. Brett Seekatz and two other officers, was suffering a diabetic shock while on his way to work at 4 a.m. on October, 29, 2010.

The GRAPHIC video from an officer's dashboard camera shows Henderson officers Douglas Lynaugh and Seth VanBeveren knee Greene several times. Seekatz walked up and kicked him in the shoulder, chest and head, according to the Journal.

Authorities said Green was resisting arrest.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the jury has been hearing evidence for months, but because of the secretive nature of grand juries, it's unclear what charges, if any, may be brought against Seekatz.

The Daily Mail reports that the video became public after Greene settled a lawsuit against Henderson and the state of Nevada for $292,500 last February.

"It’s alarming and it’s egregious,” Greene's attorney, Todd Moody, told ABC 13 Action News after the case was settled. “It will make you a little sick to your stomach watching it.”

Seekatz was disciplined by his department but not demoted or suspended.



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