01/15/2013 06:51 pm ET

Cheetah Cubs Unveiled In Australia (VIDEO)

Five recently born cheetah cubs made their public debut Tuesday when they were unveiled at an Australian zoo near Adelaide.

The cubs were born at Monarto Zoo in October but were sheltered from public view for the first few months of their lives so they could grow and develop, according to the Associated Press.

The two male and three female cheetahs, born to mother Nakula, are being raised in a private area of the zoo with very little human contact.

The successful birth of the five cubs represents a big accomplishment for Australia's zoos, since cheetahs are difficult to breed in captivity, zookeeper Michelle Lloyd said during a video interview.

"They are Africa's most endangered big cat. There's really not too many left to be honest with you, so any birth is significant," Lloyd told ABC News after the birth in October.

Cheetahs are listed as a vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Major threats to the cheetah population include habitat loss, loss of prey and persecution "because they are a perceived threat to livestock," according to the organization.



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