01/15/2013 12:15 pm ET

Diar Wali Ali, UK Kebab Shop Owner, Jailed For 'Heinous' Food Safety Violations

Diar Wali Ali, the owner of Adonis Kebab House in Cardiff, Wales, was sentenced to eight months jail time for "heinous" food safety violations this week, a little over a year after nine of his customers fell ill with E. coli poisoning after eating his food, according to Wales Today.

Ali was found guilty of 23 hygiene infractions. Some of the most alarming violations include storing raw and cooked beef side-by-side, failing in adequately clean chopping boards and using dirty towels to wipe off kebab skewers.

One of the nine people who reported getting E. coli poisoning from the restaurant, a 12-year-old boy, suffered kidney failure and had to be hospitalized for two weeks to get dialysis.

The outbreak tied to the Kebab House took place in August 2011, two years after the restaurant had opened. It was investigated for two weeks after the outbreak, but then allowed to reopen. If Yelp is to be trusted, the restaurant is still open to this day. The average rating of its five Yelp reviews, all of which were written in 2010, is four stars.



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