01/15/2013 09:50 am ET Updated Jan 15, 2013

Foals Singer On David Guetta: 'Just Bullsh-t,' 'An Abomination'

The electronic dance music backlash continues, this time in the form of Foals singer Yannis Philippakis lambasting pop-house producers like David Guetta. In a word, he thinks such work to be "bullsh-t."

In a wide-ranging interview with Digital Spy, Philippakis said he can't even be too mad at Guetta, because "there needs to be bad music around." Here's the full quote:

"David Guetta is basically... it's not even something that really makes my blood boil because it is just bulls**t. It is an abomination but there needs to be bad music around. You need Jilly Cooper novels and pulp, trashy culture. Plus, some people like s**t music. I don't like David Guetta and I don't like that style. What bothers me more really is that a lot of hip-hop is being played over those backing tracks, and I find that a shame because I like hip-hop a lot.

"I can't listen to current hip-hop because the MCing isn't the skill of it anymore; it's more putting it over super-garish club tracks. If you compare it to what DJ Premier was doing in the early '90s and Rza with Wu-Tang, that's got real artistry and grit. When I don't hear that, it feels like hip-hop has lost something rather than progressed."

Mainstream, radio hip-hop has wholeheartedly embraced the dance music wave, with everyone from pop acts like Nicki Minaj to well-respected rappers such as A$AP Rocky performing over dance-inflected tracks. Minaj has worked with Guetta, while Rocky recently released a song with Skrillex. Rihanna, a longtime cross-over act, found her biggest hit in "We Found Love," which was produced by progressive house DJ Calvin Harris. Rihanna's new album, "Unapologetic," features multiple tracks either produced by Guetta ("Phresh Out The Runway," "Right Now") or in the style of Skrillex ("Jump"). Even crossover country star Taylor Swift found herself singing over some light dubstep ("I Knew You Were Trouble").

Guetta has also been a polarizing figure within the EDM community. In June, deadmau5 knocked DJs like Guetta for what he described as lazy live performances. "[He] has two iPods and a mixer and he just plays tracks -- like, 'Here's one with Akon, check it out!" deadmau5 said.

For more of Philippakis, including what Foals fans can expect of their upcoming album, "Holy Fire," head over to Digital Spy.

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