01/15/2013 11:14 am ET

'Parenthood' Season 4: Kristina's Breast Cancer Storyline To Be Resolved, According To Jason Katims

Though it's been an emotionally taxing Season 4 of "Parenthood" -- thanks in large part to Kristina's (Monica Potter) breast cancer storyline -- creator Jason Katims is now hinting that Kristina may be headed for greener pastures.

"I think that we are definitely moving towards a resolution with that story," Katims told TV Guide. "My goal in trying to tell that story was to really reflect what that journey is like, what are the things that you go through when you go through something like that. But I also feel like basically that often winds up after about a year, so it is something that we definitely want to move toward a resolution for."

Although "Parenthood" ratings are higher than ever, which is likely related to the sad turn the NBC series has taken, Katims' words will definitely come as a relief to viewers as well as the cast.

"The whole season's been sort of like a roller coaster." Potter told HuffPost TV in December. "I would hope that for poor Kristina, we'd see a lot of funnier moments next season. I like to do comedy and I think that'd be a lot of fun to show another side of her and just show her celebrating life ... I also feel like going through this she's going to become a lot looser next year and, like Jason said, she won't sweat the small things as much."

"Parenthood" airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.