01/15/2013 06:26 pm ET Updated Jan 15, 2013

Pitbull's Worst And Best Lyrics Of All Time To Celebrate His Birthday

Fans love Pitbull’s music. The Cuban-American singer has many catchy songs that go perfect to turn up the volume in the car or at a party, and sing or dance with friends all night long. Also, there's no doubt the rapper has become one of the most important Latin artists in the music industry today internationally, and Latinos feel proud of his accomplishments.

However, we must also admit that among his many hits and popular songs, he also tends to use rhymes and phrases -- along with a fixation with women's lower backs and upper-front areas -- that sometimes leave us scratching our heads and wondering: “What was that again? Don't tell me that rhymed with that? Do you really use that phrase to win girls?”

To celebrate the artist’s birthday, and give you some time to enjoy and un-der-stand his songs, we created this gallery with 25 examples of some of Pitbull’s best and worst lyrics ever. DALE!

Pitbull's Best And Worst Lyrics