01/15/2013 05:46 pm ET

'Shahs of Sunset' Star Reza Farahan: I Think Naked Pictures Helped Me Get On The Show

Having a sex tape didn't hurt Kim Kardashian, so it should be no surprise that television producers now ask potential new reality stars before they start taping if naked pictures exist. If you answer yes, it may help you get on a show.

“When I was going to be on the show, I had to fill out paperwork and one of the questions was basically, like, are there naked pictures of you out there, and my answer was 'yes,'" Reza Farahan, star of "The Shahs of Sunset," told The Huffington Post. "I think it helped me get on the show. With a caveat that there are pictures of me, but there are never pictures of me with my head and my privates in the same picture. That's my advice to everyone.”

Farahan made no apologies that pictures of his privates exist, saying that he has sent them to several folks. But, he warned, don't just crop out your face -- also make sure no framed pictures or monogramed towels are in the background.

“I’ve sent pictures to people I was dating who were out of town.” confessed Farahan. “I wanted to surprise them, give them a little something to think about. Well, I’m not going to lie. It isn’t little, it’s always impressive.”



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