01/15/2013 01:11 pm ET

Sofia Vergara Engagement: 'Modern Family' Actress Wants A 'Big' Wedding

Sofia Vergara's wedding bells are ringing -- and she wants them to chime loudly.

"If I'm going to do something, it's going to be a big event," Vergara recently told People magazine.

The "Modern Family" star and Twitter obsessive has been engaged to Nick Loeb since October. Never one to shy away from opulence, Vergara became engaged while celebrating her 40th birthday during a lavish event in Mexico. If the ring Loeb gave her were any larger, she said it "would be too big too wear." Any smaller, and she "would not like" it.

Now Vergara is talking about one day having an equally lavish wedding, although she has no time frame indicating when it might occur.

"Now I don't have the time -- and it will have to be one weekend when I have the time to plan something fun," she told People. "I don't even know what I'm going to do."

Whenever Vergara does manage to find the time to plan out the celebration, one thing she knows is that she wants it to be a party. She's less interested in big speeches and more attracted to having "music, dancing [and] a lot of food."



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