01/18/2013 02:01 pm ET Updated Jan 24, 2013

Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

This is an exact quote from the HuffPost Women email thread on Sunday night: "I AM LITERALLY IN A HAPPINESS COMA." This is another: "I KNOW. I'm all weepy on the couch all by myself." In case you couldn't tell, we were reacting to the announcement that "Girls" won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy or Musical TV Series, a nice follow-up to Lena Dunham's acting award earlier in the night.

Because we haven't completely moved on (we'll get there eventually), we wanted to highlight one of our favorite post-Globes tweets from Dunham: "Best part of Golden Globes madness is getting an email from my 100 year old great aunt that says 'go girl.'" And because we freaked out a little hearing Robyn when Dunham walked up the podium, we felt it appropriate to feature this tweet from Shama Hussain as well: "When 'Dancing On My Own' is the first song to play on my Pandora, I choose to believe it's going to be a good day. #GIRLS."

For more amazing tweets from women, flip through the gallery below. Then click over to our Best Tweets From Women page for our past collections. Finally, be sure to check out our next "Girls" chat after Sunday's episode -- here's the first one in case you missed it.



Best Tweets From Women