01/16/2013 09:39 am ET

Bob Schieffer To Jon Stewart On Gun Control: 'We've Got To Do Something Here' (VIDEO)

Bob Schieffer appeared on 'The Daily Show" Tuesday night and discussed the media coverage of the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., and the subsequent debate on gun control.

Stewart pointed out that the gun control debate seemed very emotional, but not very pragmatic. He noted that he rarely hears law enforcement officials discuss guns. Instead, people with extreme points of view who make outrageous claims—like gun advocate Larry Ward saying that if slaves had guns, slavery would not have been a chapter in America's history—appear on news programs.

"Why are those kind of people on TV?" Stewart asked. Schieffer, who has spoken out in favor for gun control before, said it was a good question. He added, "If we’re not going to do something now, if killing little people in kindergarten is not enough to say, ‘We’ve got to do something here, we’ve got to get serious,’ then I have a question: What is enough?"

Schieffer also said that the debate is often reduced to people arguing that gun control advocates are trying to take hunting rifles away. "And that’s not what it’s about," Schieffer added. "It’s about keeping these weapons with this tremendous killing power out of the hands of deranged people. That does not seem all that radical an idea."



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