01/16/2013 03:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bruce Willis Cross Stitch Needlepoint Sampler Shows 'Die Hard' Craft Skills (PHOTO)

We've all had our fair share of celebrity obsessions. But it seems like some people really are "Die Hard" fans. Get it? When we saw this strikingly realistic and flawlessly constructed needlepoint of actor Bruce Willis by Redditor BriocheBun we were nothing short of amazed.

The crafter wrote, "my sister-in-law loves Bruce Willis. Nearly 4 months and approximately 13,000 stitches later, her Christmas present is finally finished." Wow, while we would probably have preferred Ryan Gosling's mug, to each their own. Yippe-ki-yay Motherf@(#&"!

Photo by Redditor BriocheBun

If this expertly completed needlepoint may be tough to replicate, click through the slideshow below for some other great craft ideas.

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