01/16/2013 04:58 pm ET

Hoda Kotb On Dating: 'In 10 Years I Am Going To Be Happily Married'

Hoda Kotb’s new book Ten Years Later follows the lives of six people who have faced adversity 10 years ago and how their lives have been transformed. Now, the "Today" show host says her life is going great; she’s starting to date again and hopes in 10 years, she will be married.

“In 10 years I am going to be happily married -- how about that? You got to put it out in the universe. In 10 years I might also be in rehab with Kathie Lee [Gifford]. I will be hopefully starting some new adventure. I can feel it. I like to change as my interests change, so in 10 years I will be doing something new, maybe in management,” Hoda tells The Huffington Post.

Kotb and boyfriend Jay Blumenkopf quietly split about six months ago.

The inspiration for the book came when Hoda was diagnosed with cancer and went through a divorce at the same time. At the beginning, she thought there was no way forward but now she’s flying high.

“You take a significant event in someone’s life and you fast-forward 10 years and you get to see what became of them. These guys have all been through the darkest of darkness and they came out on the other side smelling like a rose. If you are in a funk, this book will definitely pull you out of it,” she says.

“We have all been at the beginning of a terrible thing. I got a cancer diagnosis and a divorce. Five years later is not enough time for the life lesson to come out, so we thought 10 years. I am beginning to put my toe in the dating pool once again. I have some secret friends who are trying to set me up on some dates and I am open. Anderson Cooper's mom said -- and I'll never forgot it -- she said ‘I believe my next great love is around the corner.’ I love that. You never want to feel your best loves are in the rear-view mirror. I’m looking forward.”

Hoda’s book Ten Years Later is available now.



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