01/16/2013 02:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

JaVale McGee Alley-Oops: Nuggets Big Man Throws Down Monster Dunks Against Blazers (VIDEOS)

When all else fails, just throw it to the tall guy. That's what the Nuggets did early and when it mattered most in their game against the Trail Blazers on Tuesday night.

In the final minutes of the first quarter, the seven-footer called for an alley-oop -- from the top of the key -- and Wilson Chandler delivered. It initially looked like Chandler overthrew the lob, but McGee showed it's hard to overthrow an alley-oop pass to him. McGee leaped up, fully extended his right arm and threw it down to cut Portland's lead to three.

Yet, the announcer's first reaction to the dunk focused on Chandler. "That was a horrible pass," he said.

The next alley-oop came in the final minute of overtime when Ty Lawson had the ball near the scorer's table. McGee acted as if he was going to set a screen for him, but faked out J.J. Hickson and stayed in the paint. With Hickson in no-man's land, Lawson launched a pass toward the basket and McGee threw it down with one hand.

The two alley-oop dunks happened to be McGee's only points of the game as Denver went on to win 115-111.



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