01/16/2013 04:27 am ET Updated Jan 16, 2013

'Justified': Lindsey's Past Walks Into The Bar And Confronts Raylan (VIDEO)

While things are getting more complicated on the work front for Raylan, he probably didn't expect another problem to walk into the bar his girlfriend owned. This was the first stable relationship viewers have seen him in on "Justified," so maybe that was the problem. Everything was just too perfect.

The man opened the episode by having a bit of a face-off with Raylan in the bar before it opened. He didn't reveal who he was then. The story then followed him to a backyard fighting match where he proved he probably could have taken Raylan down in that bar had their "man"-off escalated to that point.

That established him as a very real potential threat for Raylan when he showed up at the end of the episode. The bar had just closed, and Raylan had plopped Lindsey on the bar for some intimate time when the man walked in.

"I just need to have a quick word with my wife," he declared. Everybody's got their secrets on this show!

The fallout begins next week on "Justified," Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on FX.

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