Nicole Kidman's Hollywood Reporter Cover Looks Very... Young (PHOTOS)

Nicole Kidman graces the new cover of The Hollywood Reporter, dishing with the mag about her favorite movie roles, her kids with Tom Cruise and that time she urinated on Zac Efron. There's even a juicy anecdote in which Kidman admires some clothes then defiantly refuses to take them for free, demanding the stylist charges her credit card. "Never would I take free clothes," she sniffs.

OK, sure. We'll assume all the red carpet dresses she's ever worn are now hanging in her closet. But that's besides the point, because we're entirely focused on the cover.

The photo is styled remarkably closely to Taylor Swift's Vogue cover pic, in which the young country star debuted her blunt bangs under a floppy, '70s-inspired hat. For the new Hollywood Reporter cover, Nicole Kidman is also wearing a floppy beige hat... and looks about the same as she probably looked in the '70s.

Seriously, we sense some Benjamin Buttoning going on. She looks like a young Amy Adams here, right? Or at least a Taylor Swift.

Read Nicole's full interview at or simply gawk at the photos below.


nicole kidman hollywood reporter

nicole kidman hollywood reporter

See how Nicole has changed...

Nicole Kidman's Style Evolution

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