01/16/2013 04:26 am ET Updated Jan 16, 2013

'Parenthood': Mark And Sarah Talk, Hank Gets An Unexpected Visitor (VIDEO)

Remember Sarah and Mark? Before Ray Romano's Hank became Sarah's main squeeze on "Parenthood," she had a pretty steamy relationship with Mark. They were even going to get married, but then everything went wrong.

The one-time couple got together to talk about their relationship when Sarah revealed that she and Hank had shared a kiss before the break-up. While it seemed that it was about closure at first, for Mark, it became something more like competition after this revelation.

He even found and confronted Hank, telling him, "I just came here to tell you that I am still in love with Sarah, and I am going to be the classy guy that you never were, and tell you to your face that I’m taking her back."

Next week is the season finale of "Parenthood." Will this drama be resolved by then? Find out when the season wraps next Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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