01/16/2013 07:02 am ET Updated Jan 16, 2013

'Private Practice': Charlotte Is Having Her Babies, Addison And Jake Get The Final Decision (VIDEO)

The penultimate episode of "Private Practice" expanded several characters' families in a major way. Charlotte finally gave birth to the rest of those triplets, completing her family with Cooper and giving Baby Georgia the opportunity to meet her siblings Caroline and Rachel. While she was in the hospital, Charlotte got to have a moment with virtually every doctor, in a very "the end is almost here" way.

But Charlotte and Cooper weren't the only ones to welcome new love into their home. Depsite a huge hiccup along the way, it was ultimately good news for Addison's and Jake's adoption. At first, a social worker recommended against placing Henry in their home. It was what happened with Jake's daughter that raised the flag.

Jake took it upon himself to go to the judge's chamber and plead his case. Actually, he pleaded Henry's case by telling the judge that he would walk away from Addison so that Henry could be with his mother, if that's what it took. The judge took his plea into consideration and granted them their family. With this, the couple decided it was time to get married.

Only one more episode left. The series finale of "Private Practice" airs next Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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