01/16/2013 12:39 pm ET

Chris Johnson's Rapid Ramen Cooker Is Big Seller For UC Davis Grad in Sacramento

Recent University of California, Davis graduate Chris Johnson says his invention - the Rapid Ramen Cooker -- takes all the guesswork out of cooking the dorm room staple.

Instead of dropping the square mass of noodle into a boiling pot for six minutes, his patented design cooks them in the microwave in half the time.

Johnson said his patented design also improves upon the dorm room staple. Since it cooks the noodles in one cup of water instead of two, the noodles only need half the flavor packet (and sodium).

Sales, Johnson reports, are steady. He said over 3,000 units were sold in its first three weeks on the market, and he struck a retail sales deal with Walmart.

Now, he says he won't stop until the cooker is sold in college bookstores across the country. It had its bookstore debut Wednesday morning at Johnson's alma mater. Speaking to students there, he said, "Forget about any fears. If you have an idea, go out there and do it."