01/16/2013 09:35 pm ET

San Francisco Nudity Ban Begins In Two Weeks: Where To Get Naked Now (PHOTOS)

Public nudity only has two more weeks of legality in San Francisco. Whether that means just two more weeks of freedom, or two more weeks to avert thine eyes, you're bound to see some flesh in the coming days.

The new public nudity ban will go into effect February 1. Starting then, disrobing in public will be served with a fine, and, in some cases, a year in jail.

On Thursday, a judge will consider the class action lawsuit filed by public nudists late last year. Supporters of the lawsuit are making one last ditch effort to protect their freedom from clothing by showing up at the Federal Court House (nude, of course) at noon.

Public nudity will still be permitted at certain fairs and events. However, the clocks are ticking for nudity in the streets. We compiled a list of places to bare it all before February 1.

Check out our selections below:

Places to Strip Down in SF