01/16/2013 07:17 am ET Updated Jan 16, 2013

Jessica Simpson Is Excited About A Sitcom Pilot Based On Her Life (VIDEO)

Jessica Simpson was excited to talk about her new sitcom pilot during her latest visit to "The Tonight Show." She has a pilot deal with NBC to star in a comedy loosely based on her life.

"I will be playing myself, which is pretty easy," Simpson laughed. She went on to explain that there are moments in her life that are so embarrassing that she wishes they could be on film so people could see them. Sure, that's exactly what was happening on her reality series "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica" with then-husband Nick Lachey, but that was almost ten years ago now. Lots more embarrassing stuff has happened since then!

The new sitcom will be set during her present life, with actors on board to play her fiance, Eric, and even papa Joe Simpson.

Jay Leno had an idea for the show's name, which Jessica Simpson soundly rejected. So it likely won't be called "Jessica." What would you call it, and more significantly, would you watch it?

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