01/16/2013 01:36 pm ET Updated Jan 17, 2013

Wedding Songs: The Most Romantic Songs To Add To Your Playlist

This Spotify playlist includes music from the Beatles, Belle & Sebastian and more.

When creating your wedding soundtrack, you want to include songs that convey just how gaga you are over your new spouse. But choosing the right mix of romantic songs that aren't too cheesy or over-played can be tough!

Enter Reddit. Over the last few days, several Redditors have asked the Reddit community to help them find the best, most romantic songs to play at a wedding. Users MessiahX, RayRayKun3 and RedditGotWings asked for a little musical inspiration, and fellow Redditors responded with a selection of oldies and indie hits that are both sweet and soulful.

Listen to the playlist below to hear Reddit's top 11 most romantic songs.

In April, we asked the Twitterverse to name their favorite reception songs -- listen to them here. And if you just need music to help you de-stress while planning your wedding, here's a list of songs that will help restore your sanity.

Click through the slideshow below to listen to DJ Rex's hipster wedding playlist.

Hipster Wedding Playlist

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